5 Fashion trends that Kenya is quickly picking up

I love how more people are getting the courage to create what they envision in fashion. It is evident that Kenyans are appreciating the effort as well. Here are some of the newly picked up fashion trends in Kenya.

  • Branding

Isn’t it amazing how, when you walk around in town you will not miss at least five people with a branded t-shirt, hoodie, snoodie or sweat shirt? And this is not an international NY brand, but Kenyan brands. It may be from a concert, a movement, a band or just a Kenyan making brands for a living and people are actually buying and wearing these proudly.

  • Gala dressing

Parties have been around for a while now and so has been gala dinners and awards. However, the trend has taken a great turn with more Kenyans attending these dinners and showing up well dressed and prepared for the occasion. Obviously, you will not miss a person or two who did not care enough to dress up, (I used to be this kind of person before I started appreciating the industry) the majority make an effort. You can tell, they want to look the occasion.

  • Buying a Kenyan brand

First and foremost, congratulations to all the Kenyan designers who are coming out of their comfort zone to actually create made by Kenyans clothing. My personal favorite being Vivo Activewear, Sengo Wear, and Chesa Creations, plus all those we have featured in our magazines. It has not been easy with most people buying from either Eastleigh or gikosh but a good number of people actually do buy Kenyan brands and love it.

  • Styling and grooming

What do I mean by styling and grooming? Have you ever been invited to an event and you needed to call a friend whom you know is good at fashion to help you choose what to wear? Have you had to hire a make-up artist for a wedding? Have you had to style up for a baby or bridal shower? If your answer is yes then you have either been styled or groomed by someone and I hope you loved it.

These trends have made our fashion industry more catchy, exciting and fun to participate in. If you have not tried out any, you are being left behind…

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