Is it really about the statistical highest paying jobs in Kenya?

I took some time the other day to compare the most paying jobs in Kenya and the richest people in Kenya and if the two have any relation. To my disappointment, only one blogger had a commonality between the two and even the common factor was more heartbreaking. Wanna know what it is? Yeah, you guessed it, politics. I even fill a cold annoying sensation going through my veins when I say that.

So, the most paying jobs in Kenya include Engineering, Medicine, IT and you can guess the next two to seven names. We have been told these for years. However, the richest people in Kenya, apart from politicians are not among the list. They are actually businessmen and women, investors or people who were left for a great fortune by relatives who were either of the two.

Pastor Stanclause Agacho, at the HLC business Summit in February 2019 said, “Politicians are not the solution to the African economy. Businessmen and women (entrepreneurs) are the once who will turn the African economy around.” The statistics that I compared in the first potion of this article proves him right.

I think you now know what to do. It is not about your job. Your employer (unless he is sincerely a good person) is not out to make you rich. Most do not want competition within their own den. You need to realize that employment is part of school. It is there to help you learn and acquire skills. If you are not a smart investor, and it does not have to be in stocks, you are prone to live from paycheck to paycheck.

There are people who have built a great life for themselves on employment, but they still are not the richest. If they are close, I bet they have side investments somewhere else. It depends with what makes you comfortable, but if you want to be the richest banker or doctor, you will have to do more than your 8 to 5 job. At least in Kenya, this is a truth we have to live with.

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