The 3 key financial practices

Wondering why it is hard to always be content? The answer may be in the fear of losing what you currently have.

Financial practices that make millionaires stay millionaires can be outlined in a long list but, that list has a three-word summary. Earn, Save, Invest.


How do you get it? What are the first steps to having it? These are the questions that help you fill in this gap. It does not have to be a toil, it only has to be a smart choice. These days talent and skills pay more than getting a job and getting by. So, what is your talent? What are your skills? How can you turn these into a career?


After you have it, after you start and continue earning, where does it all go? Necessities have to be met. The best income is that which allows you to save but a wise one is he who has a save percentage in every penny they get. You do not know tomorrow. Even prophets did not always have all the answers. Always be prepared.


Legacy building is the true definition of wealth. Investing makes this happen. Your maker wants you to see it as he wrote it in the bible. Every man he made great left something for the generations that followed. Everything that needs to multiply has a seed. Investing is making savings grow. It is a skill that is freely given but one needs the knowledge to sustain. Invest wisely and always research. A wise man once said that risk is the term used by one with no, or has limited knowledge.

Master these three and you are sure to have control over your finances.

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