The bond between entertainment and content

We sleep with music on for those of us who do. We go to music for consolation when our hearts are broken. We use music to spread a message to loved ones and inspire ourselves to doing great things. Why music? Why entertainment? You do not need to ask. You know it for yourself. Most of the time you can’t put it in words.

Being entertained goes beyond listening to music to put a smile on your face. If there’s a way we connect with people we have never met, entertainment would be one of the names. This is the reason why when the content is unauthentic, we abuse the effect and yes, we will talk and name names. We will mourn when it disappoints, and yearn for better and more authentic pieces.

Add skill to the flow and you get a full course meal. Great skill in itself is entertaining. We see it, we appreciate it. Great events are fun plus great content to appreciate makes it purposeful. In us we are entertained by appreciation and our beings appreciate greatness, meaning and purpose.

There’s a view you can only see in art. There’s only a sensation you can only feel in music. Content and entertainment cannot be separated because even in entertainment there are answers we seek.

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