The one fashion advice

You are probably waiting for me to give you a do or don’t. However, if you read our magazines, you know that we have an article on why do’s and don’ts do not really cut it in the financial industry. They can never be fixed because fashion is as diverse as being personal. You wake up one day and a style you thought will never cut it, someone just pulled it off.

So, what is the one fashion advice I would give? I will not keep you wondering but will go straight to the point. Actually, I already said it. Fashion is personal and that is how you kill the look with confidence adding juice to the outfit.

Have you ever put on an exquisite outfit only to fill quite uncomfortable? Even if everyone else will be wowed, your insecurities will stop the fun from getting to you. Trend is great and many have to keep up with it for the sake of public opinions, but public opinions will not pay for your broken ankle when a heel just isn’t working for you or when humiliation is on your face for an over revealing piece of outfit.

Who are you and what makes you comfortable? That is the first question you should ask. When that is answered well and, in all honesty, then go ahead and ask what is trending. However, do not stop there, ask yourself, how can you make it better?

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