Here is Why You should Start Saving For A Sunny Day, Not Just a Rainy One

What are insurances for, saving accounts and all other savings methods advertised everywhere? Many of them are for medical bills, unforeseen expenses, retirements, when you get fired, etc. Very few people will think about when they last missed a finance seminar just because they did not have the money to pay for the ticket. What if you could plan ahead for an opportunity, such that when it comes around, you will have the money to get on board?

I am not talking about buying the next S series Samsung Phone or going to Dubai for a holiday. These too might be sunny days for you but many people are already saving for these which have no return on investment. Do not get me wrong, yes you should save for holidays and things you really want but I’m talking about having a savings accounting for future opportunities. Here is why you should consider it.

Opportunities Only Knock Once

In most cases, opportunities will only come by once in a long while if not a life time. For example, if a famous book writer was coming to the country, how sure are you that he might come back any time soon. Such a question will make you have ticket money for the time he comes so that you do not miss him on his first trip. What opportunities excite you? How many have you missed because you did not have the funds to be part of them?

It’s Hard to Come By Immediate Support

I have been at a place where I needed an urgent ticket to a live gospel experience and I tried to pull all the strings to make my attendance happen but it did not work out for me. I ended up not attending the event. I was frustrated and that is when I decided to start saving for such things. Some people might be willing but not in a position to help and at times people might not just understand how bad you want it. To avoid such disappointments, consider saving ahead.

You are Setting Yourself Up For Success

We have so many things we want to do before a certain age or before we die but in most cases we do not have the financing to make it happen. Sometimes you will have an idea of starting a company, a business, a website, publishing a book, and not have the funds to make it happen. If you had thought about saving for a sunny day, an opportunity or for a future business such desires would be actualized faster; hence setting yourself for success.


I have always been a saver. I saved for a phone after I finished primary school, for money to spend on holiday and all the small things that made me happy as a young girl. However when opportunities came by, I would struggle to get funding which would either mean that it would not happen for me or if it did, I had to add a loan on my hands. This is why I am now rethinking my options and I invite you to think about it too. What if every time an opportunity came by, you did not have to miss it just because you did not have the money? Let it be because of another uncontrollable natural factor but not money problems.

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