Makeup, as it has been embraced today, enhances the beauty of a person. However,  sometimes it can leave a sizeable mess if one is not careful. Makeup products can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria but cleaning them and tossing them after they outlive their shelf life is a good preventive measure.

Here is how to take care of the products we often use:-

Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes carry the most germs because they touch up the whole face. In most scenarios, they are washed on average once every month. To avoid deadly bacteria that might cause damage,  wash your wash your brushes daily or use a sanitizing mist. Makeup brushes can last up to two years or more.


Makeup pencils are the easiest to clean but are often easily forgotten  during clean up. Sharpening the eyeliner helps but for a more thorough clean up a sanitizing mist could come in handy especially if it’s liquid eyeliner and mascara. Long term use without cleaning can eventually  cause damage  to your eyes. To avoid this, gel and liquid eyeliner should be tossed after 6 months to avoid eye infections.


Applying or reapplying lipstick products immediately after eating can cause formation of bacteria. The food particles left over act as the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The best way to avoid bacteria is by wiping any food from your mouth before applying any lip product. Another alternative could be using rubbing alcohol to kill the germs.


A compact sponge is a great tool for foundation touch up. However, most people forget to clean this too. When foundation is mixed with natural oils from our skin it adds moisture to the skin which is the ultimate place for bacteria to put up shop. The best solution is to clean these sponges thoroughly, every 2 to 3 days with soap. If you really like yoyu face smooth and without blemish then you need to toss your make up sponge at least after every month.


Keep it right here for part two of this next week. Until then, keep glowing!

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