Find Beauty| An Attitude of Gratitude

The first thing I noticed about that phrase when I first heard it was the rhyme. It really is a catchy phrase. Perfect for use when trying to psyche people up or reminding a friend to open their eyes and see what they have. Very hard to forget once you hear it.

But wait until life has you in a corner. Maybe you seem to be living through the same cycle every day and you are bored to your bones. Or maybe things are just thick and the idea of being grateful for anything at all is unrealistic. Then again, maybe things are just normal for you- nothing out of the ordinary. So no reason to be grateful, right? At least not until something major happens.

The thing is if we waited until something tremendous happens before we’re thankful we may wait a long while. And if we live our lives thinking everything is ordinary we will miss the point in the long run. So how do we cultivate an attitude of gratitude when the truth is that actually looking at life to the depths makes us more sad than happy?

Over time, I have learnt that it is easier to see the beauty in life when you look at it in bits. There was a time I didn’t feel like life was great- there was nothing to be grateful for. It was exhausting because I had no motivation to keep going. Everything was just “ordinary”. I had to do something so I decided that at the end of every day I would intentionally look back and acknowledge the little things that happened that counted. Some days were so tough I could only come up with one thing. Other times I would go around thinking I only had one thing to be happy or grateful for but when I looked back I realized there were so many little things I’d be overwhelmed. Whichever way, I always found something good. And that gave me the strength to face another day.

Life is both crazy and awesome at the same time and maybe therein lies its beauty ultimately. We just have to find our balance and consciously choose where to put our greatest focus. When you choose to look for beauty in everything- even what seems ordinary, you will find it.

Have a beauty filled, and productive week ahead.

By Sylvia Ndombi.

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