They say we are only as sick as our secrets, I say we are as sick as the hidden bacteria we encounter daily.

Undoubtedly, we always use makeup most if not all the days. Inasmuch as it helps enhance our pretty, the products we use can sometimes be the reason why we constantly have breakouts despite having a daily facial routine.

On that note, here is a continuation of what we learned last week:

Makeup bag

A dirty makeup bag is full of bacteria. There are many fun and inexpensive makeup bags you can get to keep your products clean. Your bag should be easy to clean. It should also keep your make up products airtight and well packaged. It is important to clean it regularly.


When your eye shadow or foundation powder is crushed into pieces chances of contamination are higher. You could choose to toss the compact powder or repair it with rubbing alcohol. All you need to do is assemble the pieces back together as best you can then sprinkle rubbing alcohol and let it dry (I just recently learned about this.). Always remember to close it after use.

Eyelash curlers

Leaving them clogged with dirt or old makeup is a recipe for contamination waiting to happen. Always clean them after use.


Foundation should last for 12 months. But if you are dipping into the product with your fingers it is best to swap it sooner.

NB: Always wash your hands before you start your make up routine. As obvious as it might sound, it is very easy to forget.

Until next week, keep the glow alive!

By Jael Janis Keya

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