What’s Wrong With My Skin?

Everyone (especially ladies) is always concerned with how their skin looks like.

From having issues with irritating acne to unfading black spots or just that random breakout when you least expect.

There are many factors to consider in relation to how to take care of your skin so as to achieve that flawless look you’re always aiming at or you currently maintain. Today, however, we will share a few simple tips that we need to always remember when caring for our skin:-

  • You need to clean your face at least twice a day, every day. Whatever regime you use for cleansing your skin, maintain it for a while until you deem fit to change it.
  • This can never be emphasized enough- NEVER sleep in makeup. It is a perfect recipe for your skin to act out. Your skin pores need to be relieved of the layers of makeup you wear every day. Always wash it off.
  • No matter how much you care for your significant other, sisters or girlfriends, NEVER share your face towel. In the world of skincare, you are allowed to be mean here!

Also, NEVER use the towel you use on the rest of the body or on Miss V on your face. That’s a no, no!

  • AVOID touching your face during the day or allowing others to do so. Our hands are rarely clean and often our faces are always very sensitive.
  • Change your pillowcases often.
  • Now listen, if you diligently do all these things correctly but comb your “dirty” hair onto your dace, you will definitely nullify every good thing you have done. Remember to always tie your hair when you are sleeping in order to keep hair oils off your face.
  • Finally, drink your water! It can never be emphasized enough. With our bodies being 70% water, our organs need water in order to function and flush out toxins. If you are having difficulty keeping track of your water intake, there are apps for that too. Problem solved!

Until next time, keep glowing!

By Jael Janis Keya

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