How To Wear White Jeans With Confidence

Every lady wants to wear whichever piece of outfit with grace and elegance. Well, white pants are not an exception. I have always had a love-hate relationship with these pieces. Since the rains are somewhat over, we can risk wearing them now, right?

Most of us love them because white has a way of looking really clean and fresh and they can easily be paired with many tops.

However, for those of us who always dread looking bigger than we are, we must be fed up with the myth that white bottoms make us look “bigger” and that you have to be a certain shape or size to pull off the look.

Let me just tell you, beloved, forget about all those lies!

However, when shopping for them, be keen to know the style you purchasing, and rock your right pair with confidence.

Two things to remember are:-

  • Focus on the details.

As mentioned, the great thing about white jeans is that they can be worn with pretty much everything that black and blue jeans do. I have come to admire the pairing of these pants with longer tops. Which often makes it look balanced.

  • Do you!

Inasmuch you will hear all sorts of advice on how to wear them, always remember to do you! You know your body better than anyone and you best understand what suits you.

Side note: If you are blessed with a curvy body, it is always recommended that we layer shapewear underneath in order to smooth everything out, since as they say bright colours can be quite unforgiving on telling on us.

Otherwise, rock those white pant sis! You got this!

By Jael Janis Keya

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