5 Questions With House of Legacy (HOL) CEO Chali Djausif

From creating your favorite Ankara outfits to owning an esteemed Fashion Award show and running a popular Modeling Agency, Djausif Chali is just about to get started. Chali began his career in 2015 as a fashion designer. From the beginning, he knew that there was more he could offer to the industry besides grooming his clients with amazing pieces.  After working for a year as a designer, and having numerous encounters with various models, Chali decided it was time; he threw his weight into the diversely competitive industry. It has been almost half a decade now, and House of Legacy is indeed a household name.

Read on as Chali sheds some light on his journey as a Fashion fanatic and CEO here on #ptmlFashion

House of Legacy Awards

1. How would you describe yourself?

(Long pause…) Chali is a humble guy. A person who likes to help people achieve their dreams,  generous, kind, and willing to give anything and everything to see his family and friends achieve their dreams.

2. When did you start House of Legacy (HOL) and what inspired you?

I founded HOL in 2015 as a way of managing models and equipping them for majorly commercial modeling.  While working as a designer, I discovered that the upcoming creative, which includes designers, models, photographers and makeup artists, did not have a voice in the industry, hence the need for a bigger platform for them. 

3. How many models have you handled since you began your agency?

Since the inception of the House of Legacy (which has model auditions after every three months), we have dealt with over three hundred models exclusive of the ones who are never under contract with us following the auditions.

4. How many award shows have you had so far?

We had our first awards show in 2016 and have since had three shows to date. We are currently working towards this year’s award.

House of Legacy Awards

5. What’s your ultimate vision for House of Legacy Award show?

My vision has always been to empower the upcoming to have their own voice in whatever they do. We always seek to have them be able to stand on their own and compete with the long-standing names in the Fashion Industry.

As for the awards, with each passing year, we are always aiming at having new faces in the awards.

By Jael Janis Keya

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